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Video Editing

How to make better videos at any skill level.

Unedited video is not for public consumption. Anyone who has ever endured the pain of viewing unedited, amateur video in any kind of group setting (who hasn't?) will instantly recognize the truth of that statement. And if you were the camera operator of that PDAV (Public Display of Amateur Video), go ahead and double your own personal pain factor. What seemed so fascinating while videotaping suddenly appears so amateurish (to put it mildly).

In the worst cases of unedited video, all manner of seemingly endless and constantly shaking scenes convulse across the screen, not to mention the hopeless segments where the camera continues recording as the camera operator roams about. Add the much-too-loud comments from our rogue Spielberg and you have all the ingredients of a truly forgettable presentation. Hopefully, we are all aware of the folly of serving up raw footage in public without first preparing (editing) such digital dishes.

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