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A review of Michael Quicke's 360-Degree Leadership: Preaching to Transform Congregations

How to unite biblical preaching and biblical leadership

A quick search through Amazon.com or the Christian Book Distrubutors website can uncover dozens of books exploring the role of the pastor as leader; the same is true of books outlining the practices of effective preaching. But should these two roles of the pastor—leading and preaching—be considered separate disciplines? Not according to Michael Quicke.

360-Degree Leadership (Baker, 2006) is a thought-provoking call for pastors to move away from a view of homiletics that ignores the God-ordained link between preaching and leadership. Referring to such a perspective as "thin-blooded preaching," Quicke highlights the dangers inherent in this anemia as well as the damage it has already caused the church.

Ignoring the God-ordained link between preaching and leadership results in "thin-blooded preaching."

Instead, Quicke encourages pastors to embrace leadership through preaching. He believes preachers cannot avoid leading their congegations (whether they like it or not) "because of their calling to speak God's transformational Word." Thus, only by embracing this dual calling to preaching and leadership can preachers become a driving force in the Christ-centered transformation of their congregations.

Michael Quicke

Michael Quicke is Charles W. Koller Professor of Preaching and Communication at Northern Seminary in Lombard, Illinois.

Sam O'Neal is managing editor of Discipleship Resources at Christianity Today International.

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