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Sermon Interruptions

What to do when emergencies and outbursts bring your message to a halt

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When I closed my eyes to pray, I was alone on the platform. When I said amen, a man I did not know was standing beside me. He immediately stepped behind a microphone and started talking …

After his sermon, a friend stepped to the Communion table. To his surprise he was met there by a woman who immediately shoved all of the Communion elements onto the floor …

In the middle of the sermon, a young woman walked onstage, interrupted the pastor, and announced that she had a message from God. When the pastor declined her request to address the congregation, she refused to leave. As two male ushers stepped up to escort her away, she began screaming, "This is just like the church. A bunch of overbearing men oppressing women."

Guess what? None of these events was on the program. And it's just a matter of time before something like this happens to you. Maybe it won't be someone demanding to speak—it might be someone having a heart attack, or the electricity suddenly going out.

Interruptions ...

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