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The Message of Visual Media

Why the method of our communication might matter as much as its message.

Editor's Note: This is the first of many articles on FaithVisuals.com that will ask the important "why?" questions. As we seek to provide the highest quality videos and training for people interested in "doing" church media better, we also want to engage in discussion about the reasons we use video to communicate the message of the gospel. We hope that these articles will cause you to stop and think, interact with one another in the comments section, and help you consider some of these crucial questions.

We can all agree that the 21st century is decidedly visual—in terms of entertainment, advertising, mass communication, and so on. Naturally, humans have become increasingly savvy in their reception of visual languages. Whereas typical tenth graders today might have an extremely difficult time deciphering the textual classics of Homer, Virgil, and Shakespeare, they likely have no problem at all decoding the complex, digital imagery of a film about the classics—say 300 or Troy. ...

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