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CASE STUDY: The Various Uses of Video

How can you creatively use video throughout your service?

Editor's Note: This article is Part 3 of 6 in a series of articles, Using Video in Different Elements of Your Worship Service.

Claudia laughed hard, trying not to drop the tray of taco dip she was holding. She had set up this "Saturday creative getaway" for interested volunteers and staff, and it was already going so well! More than 40 people had come, filling to the rim the lodge building that her church had rented at a local State Park. The morning had already included a speaker who was an expert in team motivation, as well as a large-group brainstorming session. The group was now on a well-deserved "snack break," and the food and fun were both in good supply. The break was about to end, however, and Claudia decided it was time to bring everyone back together to narrow some of their previous ideas.

"Well, folks, we've been talking all morning about categories of ideas—it's time to get down to specifics!" Claudia shouted over the din. "We're going to break into five teams. Look on ...

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