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You Already Own PowerPoint. Use It!

Why the "simple" program might be worth a second look.

When people visit our church for conferences or services, they frequently find me after the service to ask technical questions about what kind of production equipment we use. More often than not, they eventually ask this question: "What software do you use for the graphics?" I really don't like giving an answer to this. Not because it's a bad question, but because I know that they won't be satisfied with my answer. They look at me with such anticipation, and are likely already waging bets inside their minds about whether we use ProPresenter, MediaShout, Prologue Sunday Plus, or some other expensive program. The simple fact is that it's none of those programs. It's not expensive, and it's a program you've probably owned for years: Microsoft's PowerPoint. In fact, we use PowerPoint most of the time, and I've become quite a "PowerPoint advocate".

The question of what software you should use in your worship services is beside the point. The real question to ask is this: "Visually, what are ...

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