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Before the Service Begins

Video announcements, countdowns, and other ways to put first things first

Editor's Note: This article is Part 1 of 6 in a series of articles, Using Video in Different Elements of Your Worship Service.

Jeff, in his own words, was "freaking out." He ran down the church hallway, trying hard not to spill his coffee. Bursting into the office of Chris, the worship pastor, he said: "I totally forgot—we need three more adults for our canoe trip. Can you add it to the announcements? I made a video for it. It's only five minutes long."

Before Chris could answer, Jeff was out the door and down the hall. Chris complained out loud, "That's the tenth request this week! If we say yes to everyone, thirty minutes of the service will be spent making announcements!"

Churches constantly fight the announcement battle. How do ministries get important information to the congregation about events, needs, opportunities? Most people skim the bulletin, so an announcement from up front is sometimes the only thing that sticks. However, the more the number of announcements, the less each ...

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