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Basic Guidelines for Building Visual Elements

Some practical considerations to think about before initiating a media ministry.

Let's get inside of the practical tactics that are used by a media minister, including examples of video techniques and the purpose of metaphor. Though the subject of metaphor might sound like the pursuit of a literary critic who reviews printed novels, it is actually the bedrock tactic for media ministry.

The metaphor

The metaphor is the single most important element of media ministry design.

The metaphor is not the theme. The theme is a functional description of the primary message that is to be told. For a Sunday morning it might be God's grace, or for a discipleship class it might be God's covenant. The metaphor is how the theme is to be communicated, so that it can be understood or at least embodied through experience.

The Bible depends upon metaphors. Every major theme represented in Scripture is communicated through a metaphor. The Holy Spirit is a dove or water, the call of God is heard in the ordinary burning bush, God's covenant is sealed in the rainbow. Metaphors abound in the Bible ...

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