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Finding Our Way Home

Sermon for clinic by Kenton C. Anderson and John Koessler

" It was a dark and stormy night " Do you recognize it? Most of us think of Snoopy sitting on top of his doghouse typing his novel. Those words were actually first written back in 1830 by a guy named Edward George Bulward Litton. He was quite an author, and fairly well received, but today that little phrase — which is part of a long, complicated sentence — is shorthand for bad writing: overwrought, a little over the top.

But today I want to tell you about a night that is well described as " It was a dark and stormy night " This was one of the darkest nights in all of history. I am speaking of the night before Jesus died. It was the night of the Last Supper. It was the night when Judas left the table to betray Jesus, when Jesus went to Gethsemane to pray. His disciples fell asleep on him, and as he prayed, his agony with God was so great — " Isn't there another way for this to happen? " — that he sweat drops of blood. ...

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