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The Amazing Appearing Man and the Disappearing Jesus

Who is the real hero in your sermon?
The Amazing Appearing Man and the Disappearing Jesus

The preacher was accomplished and confident; he held the concentration of the crowd, and he certainly had my attention. Although not for the reasons he would have wanted.

He had taken one of the stories about Jesus, and explained it from the perspectives of the different characters involved, which is not necessarily a bad tool for analyzing the story as we work out who we are supposed to identify with (hint: we're not usually the hero).

What blew me away was that he took as the main lesson of the sermon, the climax of what he was saying, someone who wasn't even mentioned in the story. I'm concealing details here, but imagine the story of the young boy bringing the fish and loaves to Jesus, and the preacher majoring on the fisherman and the baker. You get the idea.

Why would you do such a thing?

Maybe out of a desire to look clever?There are some preachers who delight in producing rabbits out of hats. They leave you dazzled and dependent, because you could never replicate the trick, ...

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