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Getting the Big Idea Right

Did the preacher understand the story?

To read the sermon for this clinic, click, " No Selective Obedience. "

Old Testament narrative literature provides an ideal fare for preachers who communicate to the video-saturated, story-driven listeners of the twenty-first century. However, preaching the stories of the Old Testament resembles painting your living room walls: it's easy to do poorly. Still, when done well, the results are exciting.

One challenge in preaching an Old Testament narrative is understanding the story. Old Testament stories work differently than poems, legal materials, or proverbs. These stories communicate truth through the interplay of characters, plot, and setting. Skillful preachers must adjust when doing their exegesis.

This sermon clinic evaluates the exegesis of the sermon " No Selective Obedience, " based on 1 Samuel 15. How well does the sermon understand the story? That is, does it reflect an accurate understanding of the text? Overall I give the exegesis a B grade. The preacher's ...

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