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Sermons on Sin, punishment for

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Judgment at Ai

Today we're going to look at the Book of Joshua, chapter 8, beginning in verse 18. We recall that Israel has once before been defeated by the little town ...

There's good news within even God's harshest acts of judgment.

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What to Do with Trouble

The continuing dilemma of the Christian life is how to cope with recurring instances of trouble and travail in our lives. There is a prevailing notion ...

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Why Jesus and No One Else


In 1936, an advertising executive from Philadelphia, Philip Klein, founded the Friday the 13th Club. Its members are committed to defying ...

Only Jesus can satisfy the impasse created by God's wrath and our sin.

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Playing with Fire

When we talk about hell, we can go to two extremes. One is that we can get into lurid descriptions of the flames of hell and the torments of the doomed ...

The Bible makes it clear that hell is our certain destiny unless we accept Jesus Christ.

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