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Playing with Fire

The Bible makes it clear that hell is our certain destiny unless we accept Jesus Christ.

When we talk about hell, we can go to two extremes. One is that we can get into lurid descriptions of the flames of hell and the torments of the doomed and damned. Preachers of another generation did this often. The other extreme is to avoid the topic altogether and declare that we will not discuss it or think about it when we come together in church.

I do understand hell is not a popular topic. Not too many sermons are preached about hell today. And a sermon on hell is not easy to preach. The older I get, the harder it is to preach on hell. Maybe it is because I know people who may be there. So it's not easy to talk about this topic, nor is it easy to hear. My goal is simply to declare what God has said and to let the Holy Spirit work in your heart.

I also understand the doctrine of hell is thought today to be a stumbling block in evangelism. There are those who say we should talk about the abundant life Jesus offers, that we should not tell people anything at all or very little about hell, because, we're told, that is indefensible and obsolete. It's not with the times.

I do believe that when we share Christ we ought to be sensitive to the culture around us and to where people are. However, we should also be true to God's Word. We should say as much as

God says about it. Whatever God says about heaven, we should say. Whatever God says about hell, we should also say. It's easy to say let's not talk about this. But I note that Jesus felt free to talk about hell. Whatever our Lord felt he should talk about, we should also feel free to talk about.

A recent survey showed that 89 percent of Americans believe there is a place called heaven, and 73 percent believe there's a place called hell. To put that in context, the number of ...

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We need to be true to God's Word and feel free to talk about hell.

I. Is hell real?

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