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What to Do with Trouble

The continuing dilemma of the Christian life is how to cope with recurring instances of trouble and travail in our lives. There is a prevailing notion around that, if you love the Lord and serve him faithfully, trouble will stay away from your door.

I don't know about you, but in my life and experience I have found that not to be true. In fact, the very opposite seems to occur. Over the course of forty-five years in ministry, many times it seems that the best people catch the most hell.

The Scriptures, on more than one occasion, pose this question: Why do the wicked prosper and the righteous suffer? This riddle of life can only be understood in the full context of the Scriptures and the life and ministry of the Lord Jesus Christ. If there is any trouble in your life today, and I suspect there is, there is a word for you from a man named Job.

And if there are no clouds on the horizons of your life, let me suggest that you fasten your seat belt because old man trouble is on his way to your house. You need to understand that he has an equal opportunity program, and there are no exceptions. His program of trouble is very much like supermarket. The trouble he dishes out comes in all sizes and all varieties. There are big troubles and little troubles. There are some troubles that seemingly won't quit. There are some middle-sized troubles and some teeny-weeny troubles. Everywhere you turn is trouble, trouble, trouble. It lets up for a little while, and then the next thing you know, trouble rears its ugly little head just when you think he is finished with you.

There are many types of trouble. Some of the trouble that comes to us is of the "To whom it may concern" variety. Some trouble is indiscriminate. It can come at any place, ...

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There is a popular notion, if you love the Lord and serve him faithfully, trouble will stay away from your door; but that seems to prove false.

I. There are many types of trouble.

II. Job's story shows three main wrong responses to trouble.

III. Job showed a heroic response to trouble.


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