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Sermons on Self-Indulgence

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Preaching on Self-Indulgence? Browse these sermons to find fresh ideas.

"Gay" Myths

Homosexuality is probably the most emotionally divisive issue facing our nation. It's a hot topic, as a range of Newsweek covers on the issue suggests: January ...

Since homosexuality is outside of God's will, we must deal with those desires just like any other sinful temptation.

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King Me!

If you need an overall title, you could try something like this: "The King Takes His Throne: Solomon's Rise to Power."
By submitting to the kingdom of Christ, we put Jesus on his rightful throne.

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Lift High the Cross


Over the last several centuries, there has been a gradual, progressive, and continual exaltation of the self. The poet Walt Whitman wrote ...

Christians are called to honor Jesus for his self-giving love; we do that best by imitating him.

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Happiness Is Not the Goal


We're in the second of a series of messages on the Ten Commandments. We started last Sunday with a look at what is, in the Hebrew mindset, ...

Of the many idols we may worship, idolizing our own happiness is the most dangerous.

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Let's Talk About Money

Do you realize Jesus had a lot to say about money? He talks very bluntly about money. He talks very bluntly about things. One day a fellow came to him ...

We need to invest in eternity by giving to God first

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