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"Gay" Myths

Since homosexuality is outside of God's will, we must deal with those desires just like any other sinful temptation.

Homosexuality is probably the most emotionally divisive issue facing our nation. It's a hot topic, as a range of Newsweek covers on the issue suggests: January 18th, "AIDS in the Arts"; February 1st, "Gays in Military"; March 22nd, "Taming the AIDS Virus"; June 21st, "Lesbians Coming Out Strong"; and October 25th, "Sexual Correctness. Has It Gone Too far?"

Homosexuality is a heavy issue facing our culture and the church, and I want to address it as honestly as I know how. But I want to begin by making a few statements.

First, if you don't hear anything else I say, I want you to hear this: if you're a homosexual, you matter to God. He loves you, cares about you, and has a plan for your life.

Second, you matter to me. Pastors and other Christians haven't always made that clear. In fact, if we've done anything, we've said you're the enemy, which you're not. You've been ridiculed and rejected by Christians and the church all your life, and I want you to hear me say I'm sorry. Many Christians need to repent and ask for forgiveness for the hate they've expressed toward the homosexual community.

When I was a student pastor during seminary years, I got a phone call from a funeral home in town, requesting me to perform a funeral. They informed me that the person was not connected with my church or any church.

I said, "Fine. If the family needs me, that's great."

He said, "There's something I have to tell you. You're the last pastor I've called. Every other pastor in town turned this funeral down. You need to know this man was a homosexual and died of AIDS. None of them will come to be with the family. None of them will do the funeral. None of them want anything to do with it."

I became extremely angry at that, and ...

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James Emery White is founding and senior pastor of Mecklenburg Community Church in Charlotte, North Carolina, and is a consulting editor to Leadership Journal. He is author of Serious Times and A Search for the Spiritual, and blogs at churchandculture.org.

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Sermon Outline:


Many Christians need to repent of the hatred shown the homosexuals.

I. Homosexuality departs from God's blueprint for sexual intimacy.

II. Homosexuality is no different than any other behavior that is outside of God's will.

III. Homosexual temptations must be resisted like every other wrong desire.

IV. Homosexuality cannot be condoned simply because the large number of homosexuals.

V. Homosexuality does not become acceptable if it is practiced monogamously.

VI. Homosexuals can find freedom from the homosexual lifestyle.


We are all struggling with sin, only the type is different.