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Let's Talk About Money

We need to invest in eternity by giving to God first

Do you realize Jesus had a lot to say about money? He talks very bluntly about money. He talks very bluntly about things. One day a fellow came to him who was uptight about the family inheritance. I realize there's no one here this morning who is at all uptight about family inheritances. I realize this doesn't relate to any of us at all. Does it? Oh you look so serious. There's nothing that divides families more quickly than who gets what and the resentments about who gets what and what's in the family will. And in the Jewish system it was sort of unfair in a way because the oldest son got more than the others. But with that more went some responsibilities. And I don't know what this fellow was upset about, but it may have been the fact that he was not the older brother and he wanted an equal share to the older brother. I don't know. But, anyway, he came to Jesus and he said, "Jesus, please, will you settle this problem? I have this argument with my brother about the inheritance. Don't we all have a way of ripping off Jesus and going to him and trying to get him to do our dirty work for us? Jesus looked at the fellow and said: Hey, that's not my business. You handle your family matter, but I have something more important to share with you. I'm going to talk about money, and I'm going to talk about things. And Jesus used this life situational encounter to share with the broader public that had flocked around him that day some straightforward teaching of two kinds of peoplecategory one, wealthy people; category two, poor people. And in the process, some very blunt talks to those of us who in some ways are wealthy and in some ways perceive ourselves as economically being poor.

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John Huffman was pastor of the St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church in Newport Beach, California, for many years, and is the author of Forgive Us Our Prayers.

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Sermon Outline:


I. Jesus speaks harshly to those who hoard their wealth

II. Jesus challenges the faith of those who are anxious about money

III. Jesus calls all of us to invest in what is permanent

IV. God commands us to give to him first