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Sermons on Flesh

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God Is Present and Powerful

Introduction: Our struggle with sin

We've been trying to renew together our vision of who God really is. Everything good in life flows from the person ...

Becoming who we are in Christ

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Deep Clean

Whatever became of sin?

Some years ago a Harvard psychiatrist wrote a provocative book entitled Whatever Became of Sin? In it he expressed his fear that ...

Our sin is real, but our God willingly forgives.

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Deep Desire

A love/hate relationship with the world

Christians have always had a "love/hate" relationship with the world. On the one hand, the most famous verse in ...

Where do you take your hungry heart?

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Acting Out Humility

Today I want to teach you a truth from God's word that I think will change your life. If you grasp this truth and if you apply it, it will transform every ...

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It Doesn't Sting Anymore


Tony Campolo, at the end of a sermon titled, "The Year of Jubilee," tells this story:

I went to my first black funeral when I was 16 years ...

Christ has swallowed up death.

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When the Seeds Come Up


Someone hearing for the first time that the dead will be raised—physically—from the grave could easily picture something from ...

The new life of our heaven-ready bodies

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Learning from Tiger Woods

From the editor

In late November 2009, a series of events led to a bevy of stories about infidelities on the part of golf's greatest player, Tiger ...

Let's find satisfaction in God alone, keep in mind that our sin will always find us out, and surround ourselves with good friends to keep us in check.

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The Heartbreak Gospel


Last week we began our study of the Beatitudes: Jesus' intriguing list of people who are blessed and well-off. Suppose we were to come ...

Only through brokenness can we experience the comfort and salvation of God.

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Taming the Beast

Text: Genesis 4:1–16
Topic: How to battle envy


A few years ago, two high school girls in California—well liked, talented and ambitious—attended ...

Envy will destroy us if we don't tame it with love.

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Redneck Christmas

Editor's note: The following monologue is delivered in character by a shepherd named Larry. There was a live nativity scene on stage for the Children's ...

To understand Christmas, we must understand God's holiness and admit our sinfulness.

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A Strange Résumé


It's the most dreaded question of the job interview, and when the time comes, you can't seem to push the words out of your mouth. "Tell me," ...

God turns our weakness into incredible strength.

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Cravings and Conflicts

Text: James 4:1–2
Topic: Identifying and addressing the source of conflict


There is a relational conflict in your immediate future. You ...

The source of all conflict is internal craving, but we can experience reconciliation by humbling ourselves before God and others.

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Beyond Will and Grace
Beyond Will and Grace

Texts: Genesis 1:1–2:28; Leviticus 18:22 and 20:13; Romans 1:24–26; 1 Corinthians 6:9
Topic: What should we think about homosexuality?

When considering the issue of homosexuality, we must push past the will and grace of primetime to embrace the will and grace of God.

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