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Learning from Tiger Woods

Let's find satisfaction in God alone, keep in mind that our sin will always find us out, and surround ourselves with good friends to keep us in check.

From the editor

In late November 2009, a series of events led to a bevy of stories about infidelities on the part of golf's greatest player, Tiger Woods. At PreachingToday.com, we handled the mess as carefully as we could, pointing out a few reflections pieces here and there on the internet. Our approach was due in part to the simple fact that when a gossip-infused story like this breaks, you must exercise great caution about jumping to conclusions (in the preaching world, jumping to points of application). Simply put: You wait until the whole story, as best you can tell, comes out. But even more so, a troubling, stunning story like this requires the kind of reflection that will lead to deeper insights that need to be shared. The temptation is immediately to use a story like this as an opportunity to pile on or tear down celebrities. Taking a little more time to process the mess, the preacher will find that despite the fact that the story involves Tiger Woods, it touches on deeper issues regarding all of humanity (believers included).

When a little time had passed and we looked for thoughtful material on the scandal, we found the following sermon by Mike Woodruff. While Woodruff does cover some of the initial issues of celebrity, watch how he pushes past them to get to the deeper issues that ought to give all of us pause. Also watch how at the beginning, middle, and end, Woodruff insists that all of us have it in us to do exactly what Tiger did. We just might not be in the situation he is in to do such things!


As you well know by now, there have been hundreds of jokes about Tiger Woods. I briefly considered opening with one, but I decided that would set the wrong tone. I begin this sermon with the belief that ...

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Mike Woodruff is senior pastor of Christ Church Lake Forest in Lake Forest, Illinois.

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Sermon Outline:


If there's a little bit of Tiger in all of us, what can we learn from his fall?

I. We can learn many initial things from Tiger's story.

II. There are even deeper things, though, to learn from Tiger.


I have it in me to make as big a mess of my life as Tiger has of his—and so could you.