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Sermons on Fidelity

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Preaching on Fidelity? Browse these sermons to find fresh ideas.

The Lasting Marriage


In 25 years of pastoral ministry I've done close to 200 weddings. I always spend several hours with these couples trying to prepare them not ...

In marriage, the ideal is lifelong commitment.

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Hanging on When You Feel Like Giving Up


Helen Hayes, a stage actress of another decade, was talking about charm when she said, "Charm is that thing which, if you have it, you don't ...

Christlike love bears with people, offering protection and trust.

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Sex: Safe, Sound, and Super


When you read the Song of Solomon and when you read our Scripture passage today, 1 Corinthians 7, God makes it very plain, and he doesn't ...

God has always had a simple and beautiful plan for sex.

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What Your Spouse Wants You to Figure Out

From the editor:

Few preachers make better use of humor than Dave Stone. He's especially gifted at knowing exactly the right point to insert a funny line ...

Strive to be intimate friends who unselfishly serve one another.

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A Passion for God's Covenant

If you knew of something that shattered dreams, that generated overwhelming stress in people's lives, that would induce in them panic attacks and even ...

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When Love Fails

From the editor

Given that Valentine's Day is this coming Sunday, many of you will probably be addressing themes like love, relationships, dating, and ...

God made marriage, so it should be honored.

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For Better, but Worse


When the great Chicago Cubs second baseman Ryne Sandberg was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame this past summer, he began a speech as ...

When it looks like you've married badly

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