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What Your Spouse Wants You to Figure Out

Strive to be intimate friends who unselfishly serve one another.

From the editor:

Few preachers make better use of humor than Dave Stone. He's especially gifted at knowing exactly the right point to insert a funny line or anecdote or story just when things are getting a bit too heavy or uncomfortable—but never at the expense of what needs to be taught. In this sermon, Stone tackles the tricky topic of sex. Pay attention to how he weaves appropriately disarming humor throughout the sermon.     


Several years ago, I learned that most all instructions and directions are written at a fifth grade level. I did not believe that until I finally got in the habit of reading them. I've got to tell you: if you pay attention to instructions, some of them are hilarious, because they are so obvious.

If you have a Rowenta iron, it has a warning on it that says, "Do not iron clothes on your body."

Years ago I was snow skiing in Colorado, and my wife and I were riding on a ski lift. We're about 200 feet above mankind. The skiers looked like little tiny ants down there. We're going past this large trestle, and it has this sign on it that says, "Warning: Jumping from ski lift will result in loss of lift ticket."

One time, for Father's Day, my mom gave me a set of Auto Shades. Auto Shades are something you put inside the windshield of your car so that in the summertime, when everybody else's car interior is 98 degrees, you car's interior is 96 degrees. Here are the actual instructions on my Auto Shades: (1) Unfold the Auto Shades inside of the car; (2) Push the cutout portion behind where the rearview mirror is; (3) Pull the sun visors down to hold the Auto Shades in place; but (4) Warning: Do not drive car with Auto Shades in place.

God has given us instructions on marriage in his Word.

Instructions ...

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Dave Stone is the former Senior Pastor of Southeast Christian Church in Louisville, Kentucky,

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Sermon Outline:


I. God has given us instructions on marriage in his Word.

II. What wives wish their husbands would figure out

III. What husbands wish their wives would figure out

IV. Intimate friends unselfishly serving one another