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Sermons on False Teachers

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Above All Earthly Powers


Martin Luther's famous Reformation hymn, "A Mighty Fortress," is about the triumph of God over all the attacks of Satan, including his attack ...

The Word of God is written by the Spirit, received by faith, shared with others, rejected at one's peril, and preserved eternally by God.

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The Christian Subculture: Righteous or Rubbish?


As believers, we sometimes feel pressured to act in certain ways, fit in with certain norms, or participate in certain activities. The pressure ...

When we try to live up to others' standards of righteousness, we miss the life Christ intended.

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A Strategy for Self-Defense

I'd like to begin today by telling you about my friend Dan. Dan grew up in a denominational church. Though he was never really grounded in his faith, ...

Know yourself, know the Word, serve, and follow godly leaders.

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Is Our Church a Healthy Church?

This series is called Transformed by Truth. It's about creating change by confronting reality—the reality of who Christ is, of who you are without ...

We should be aware of false teachers, but not obsess on them.

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Who Do You Listen to?

In today's text Jesus makes a statement that confused the disciples. He said,

(v. 6) "Be on your guard against the yeast of the Pharisees and the Sadducees." ...

Because a little teaching can affect a lot of behavior, we need to be on guard.

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There's Something About Mary

It's rare that we take a service and we devote it to a book, but this is no ordinary book. It's been on the top of The New York Times bestseller list ...

The Da Vinci Code presents heresy as historical fact.

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What About That Other Bible

There's another bible you can buy in your bookstores. It is the Gnostic bible. This bible has books in it like The Revelation of Adam, The Sermon of Zostrianos, ...

The Gnostic bible is not a source of truth leading us to God.

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