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Above All Earthly Powers

The Word of God is written by the Spirit, received by faith, shared with others, rejected at one's peril, and preserved eternally by God.


Martin Luther's famous Reformation hymn, "A Mighty Fortress," is about the triumph of God over all the attacks of Satan, including his attack on the precious Word of God. The Word itself—that one "little word," as Luther called it—will be Satan's downfall. In fact, the perseverance and preservation of the supremely powerful Word of God do not depend on any earthly power, but only on the power of God.

The great Puritan theologian Thomas Watson had similar thoughts about the Bible's staying power. He said:

We may know the Scripture to be the Word of God by its miraculous preservation in all ages. The holy Scriptures are the richest jewel that Christ has left us; and the church of God has so kept these public records of heaven, that they have not been lost. The Word of God has never wanted [lacked] enemies to oppose, and, if possible, to extirpate it … but God has preserved this blessed Book inviolable to this day. The Devil and his agents have been blowing at the Scripture light, but could never blow it out; a clear sign that it was lighted from heaven.

There is no clearer example of this great truth than the story of King Jehoiakim and his unsuccessful attempt to extinguish the Scriptures by burning the first edition of the Book of Jeremiah. The king was in his winter apartment, and as he sat warming himself by the fire, he used the Word of God for kindling. Had the king had his way, everything Jeremiah ever prophesied would have gone up in smoke. Yet to this day we hold all of his precious prophecies as sacred treasure. The Word abides—no thanks to any earthly power, but only to the power of God. I want to show you five simple truths about the Word of God: it is written by the Spirit, received ...

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Philip Ryken is president of Wheaton College in Wheaton, Illinois.

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Sermon Outline:


The Word abides—no thanks to any earthly power, but only to the power of God.

I. Written by the Spirit

II. Received by Faith

III. Shared with Others

IV. Rejected at One's Peril

V. Preserved by God


By faith in the undying love of the incarnate Word, Jesus Christ, you can have eternal life.