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Expect God's Visitation

God visits to test, punish, and bless his children.
This sermon is part of the sermon series "Are You Ready for a Visit?". See series.


In Charles Dickens' novel A Christmas Carol, Ebenezer Scrooge lies down on Christmas Eve hoping to enjoy a good night's rest. In the course of that night he has four separate visitors, all of them uninvited, all of them unexpected, and all of them unappreciated—at least in the beginning.

The ghost of Jacob Marley, Scrooge's deceased business partner; the Ghost of Christmas Past; the Ghost of Christmas Present; and the Ghost of Christmas Future all show up, unannounced and uninvited, and break into Scrooge's life. These four disturbing visits leave a profound impact on his life. When Ebenezer Scrooge wakes up on Christmas morning, he is a different person because of the visits he experiences on Christmas Eve.

There are two possible outcomes with any visitation in our lives: blessing or cursing. When family or friends visit us during the holidays, we experience the blessing of being around loved ones. We experience the blessing of visitation when the plumber comes to fix a broken pipe, or when the doctor comes to bring healing in times of illness. On the other hand, we experience cursing when a thief visits our home and takes all our valuables. The outcome of the visit is dependent upon the visitor and his purpose in visiting.

The Bible makes it clear that we can expect visits from God. We are going to look at the basic realities of a visit from God and at three reasons that God visits a person or nation.

The Bible teaches about God's visitation.

The Bible teaches a powerful concept called "visitation." The Hebrew word for visitation, paqad, indicates a time when the Eternal God breaks into human history in order to bless or to punish individuals or nations. This visitation always changes the destiny of the person ...

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Dave Gibson is pastor of Cypress Bible Church in Cypress, Texas.

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Sermon Outline:


The Bible teaches about God's visitation.

God visits for testing.

God visits for punishment.

God visits for blessing.