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Prepare for God's Visitation

God's visitation demands a response.
This sermon is part of the sermon series "Are You Ready for a Visit?". See series.


I have a friend named John who is a medical doctor. He was once making a commercial flight across the Atlantic Ocean, when a teenage boy who was seated nearby nearly lost consciousness. The boy's mother was panicked, and his fellow passengers had no idea how to help. When the flight attendant finally called for a doctor, John came forward to help. John quickly ascertained that the boy was dehydrated and gave him some orange juice. The juice "miraculously" revived the young man in just a short time. The visit from the doctor proved to be a major blessing to this boy. Had John not visited him with just the right expertise, he might have died or suffered severe complications from dehydration.

We all need visits in our lives. All of us find ourselves in need of expertise, confrontation, encouragement, or perspective that we will only find if someone visits us with the resources we need. Our lives come unraveled and veer off course. We need God's expertise and resources. Yet sometimes we become practical deists. A deist is someone who believes that God created the world, wound it up like a giant alarm clock, and will never tamper with it again. They don't pray, they don't expect miracles, and they don't anticipate any visits from God. Even though we believe in God's intervention in our world, we often live like practical deists and do not expect God to show up and help us.

That's why one of the towering needs in the lives of believers is that we become thoroughgoing supernaturalists—people who expect God to break into the natural world and act with power in time and space. The good news is, whether we believe it or not, God still visits today. But what can we expect from God's ...

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Dave Gibson is pastor of Cypress Bible Church in Cypress, Texas.

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Sermon Outline:


I. God visits for personal deliverance.

II. God will visit to culminate human history.

III. God visits to offer an opportunity to respond to Him.