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What About That Other Bible

The Gnostic bible is not a source of truth leading us to God.

There's another bible you can buy in your bookstores. It is the Gnostic bible. This bible has books in it like The Revelation of Adam, The Sermon of Zostrianos, The Gospel of Truth. Some people like this alternate bible better than the one we are acquainted with. They like what it teaches about God, Christ, and women. This bible permits us to make God into whoever or whatever we want him or her to be. This bible refers to the divine feminine and personal esoteric knowledge. At last we're free from restricting doctrine such as the Virgin Birth, the unique deity of Christ and his resurrection. This new bible is broad enough to embrace our culture and lets us believe pretty well whatever we wish. There's a growing perception that there is an alternate canon, and these are the books used in TheDa Vinci Code to make their arguments.

The Da Vinci Code and the Gnostic bible

Since the Bible, the traditional one, has stood the test of time and the disciplines of history and archaeology, let's check these Gnostic gospels. That is difficult to do. It's not like the Bible you brought with you today, and the reason is because these Gnostic gospels make no reference to places, towns, rivers, lakes, and seas like our Bible. Our Bible can be investigated by historians; archaeologists can go digging, and they can verify the text. But this bible is filled with the musings of various Gnostics and their teachings, and so it's a difficult bible to evaluate.

That word Gnostic comes from Greek gnosis, which means knowledge. More precisely the word is used to refer to hidden knowledge available only to the enlightened. The Gnostics believed they were privy to spiritual experiences that gave them an inside track on a religious interpretation of the ...

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Erwin Lutzer is senior pastor of Moody Church, Chicago, Illinois

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Sermon Outline:

Introduction: Why is the Gnostic bible an unreliable source of truth?

I. The Gnostic bible lacks credibility

II. The Gnostic bible articulates pagan philosophy

III. Reasons why the Gnostic bible is popular

Conclusion: Read God's true revelation and you will know that God has spoken.