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Sermons on Faith

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The Most Miserable People in the World


I have two groups of people standing here with me. The people on my right are not perfect, but they are all convinced Jesus Christ rose from ...

The reality of Christ’s resurrection means everything.

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Mustard Seed and Moving Mountains

In the neighborhood where I live children come around to sell thingsGirl Scout cookies, candy or peanuts to have the band take a trip or to earn some ...

God works the seemingly impossible through people of prayer.

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Which Rung are You On?

I went to a restaurant, a type of place. As we were eating, this girl comes out with a bucket of Thousand Island dressing. She's coming out of the kitchen ...

Jesus calls us to be different.

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By Faith, Miracles!


I sometimes feel when I get to a passage like Hebrews 11 that I'm almost like a little boy walking through the Hall of Fame wearing sneakers ...

Rather than trusting in people, trust in God, because he might have a miracle to get you through.

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