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By Faith, Miracles!

Rather than trusting in people, trust in God, because he might have a miracle to get you through.


I sometimes feel when I get to a passage like Hebrews 11 that I'm almost like a little boy walking through the Hall of Fame wearing sneakers and a baseball cap and a wad of bubblegum in my jaw. And I look up into the faces of those people that appear in the annals of history like pictures hanging in a gallery and I ask myself How could I ever measure up? or Will I ever make it? There are people that live such godly lives they didn't even die. They were just taken off the earth, like Enoch. Or had such faith that they built a barge for over 100 years before there ever was rain, and never stopped working on it, like Noah. There's a young couple that has a little baby and the father is a 100 and the mother is 90, and they laugh with delight at what God has done. That same father and that same boy about 20 years later are walking up a mountain and the father is about to tie him on an altar and to take his life as an act of sacrificial worship.

Let's face it. When you identify with people like Moses and Joshua and Sarah and Abraham and Noah and Enoch and Abel, you're intimidated, you're spooked.

First, understand this, people are people. The world isn't divided in God's eyes between super duper saints and groveling saints. God doesn't divide the Christian community into the haves and have nots, the popular and the paeans. In God's family everybody is P.O.H., plain, old human. None of us can walk on water. We need to remember that when we come to a passage like Hebrews 11, or we'll be spooked. We'll think those people lived in another kind of world than we live in, therefore when we read about them it's sort of a half angel/half human type freak we're reading about. ...

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Charles Swindoll is pastor of Stonebriar Community Church in Frisco, Texas, the Bible teacher on the radio program Insight for Living, and a best-selling author.

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Sermon Outline:


I. People are people, nothing more

II. God is God, nothing less

III. Miracles are miracles, nothing else