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Recovering God's Freedom

A personal relationship with Christ enables us to enter into a restored relationship with God and to recover what was lost to sin and Satan.
This sermon is part of the sermon series Living Free.See series.


Last week we looked at God's original design for creation and humanity. We also talked about how sin disrupted God's plan. When we look at the news, our relationships, and the world, we realize that things are far different from God's design. God wanted humanity to experience his love, joy, and peace in every way. God designed us to experience the fullness of life and health. But the world does not live that way right now. In order to live according to God's original design, recovery needs to take place.

Colossians 2:6 says, "As you received Christ Jesus as Lord, so live in him." There are truths that we must receive at the moment of our salvation that set the tone for our lives as Christians. They help us live in the fullness of God's design. They enable us to live in the fullness of his power. We're going to talk about some of those fundamental, yet profound, truths in this session.

Ephesians 1:7 says, "He is so rich in kindness that he purchased our freedom through the blood of his Son, and our sins are forgiven." We are lost, and God's purpose for us has been lost, but this is not God's heart. God wants to restore his creation to its original design.

God's work: Jesus came to buy our freedom

God has made provision for mankind to take back what was lost by sending his Son Jesus Christ to earth to die for our sins and bring us back into relationship with him.

As we begin, I want us to recognize two dimensions of God work. First, there are aspects to God's work that only he can do. Second, there are parts of God's work that humans are responsible for. That's the way God designed things.

First, let's talk about what only God can do. Only God can ...

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Mike Riches is pastor of Harborview Christian Fellowship in Gig Harbor, Washington, director of the Sycamore Commission, and author of Living Free.

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Sermon Outline:


I. God's work: Jesus came to buy our freedom

II. Our responsibility to respond to God's work

III. Effecting spiritual transaction

IV. Having a repentant heart

V. Praying and living out repentance