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Living Free

Experiencing fullness of life though Jesus Christ

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Created with a Purpose

We need to discover and live out God's original design for the world, humanity, and each individual.

Recovering God's Freedom

A personal relationship with Christ enables us to enter into a restored relationship with God and to recover what was lost to sin and Satan.

One World, Two Realms

The Bible teaches that our world is more than what we see with our natural eyes; there are two distinct realms—the spiritual and the natural.

Understanding Power and Authority

Christ has given every follower his power and authority to defeat Satan and all evil spirits.


Satan gets a foothold into our lives when we align ourselves with his lies and give place to sin.

Generational Sins, Soul Ties, Curses

Breaking free from generational sins, soul ties, and curses enables us to realize the gifts, passions, and truth God has given us.

Mike Riches is pastor of Harborview Christian Fellowship in Gig Harbor, Washington, director of the Sycamore Commission, and author of Living Free.