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One World, Two Realms

The Bible teaches that our world is more than what we see with our natural eyes; there are two distinct realms—the spiritual and the natural.
This sermon is part of the sermon series Living Free.See series.


In our first session, we identified God's original design for humanity, and we looked at what was lost because of the Fall. How did God design us to live? How does he want us to operate? What is the world supposed to look like? In our second session, we talked about the fundamentals of transformative living. Transformation is made possible by the cross, by Jesus Christ's death and resurrection. We also identified two fundamental principles of Christian living. The first one: God works through a human-divine cooperation. What does it mean? We described it like this: God does what only God can do when humans do what they are responsible to do. If we want to live free, we can't be passive. Numerous biblical examples reinforce the point, but we'll only look at one.

When Israel fled Egypt under God's promise, they were chased by Pharaoh's armies because Pharaoh realized that he didn't want to lose his slaves. As Israel continued their journey, they were quickly trapped with no way forward. They saw nothing in front of them but desert. To the right was a treacherous mountain range, on the left was the Red Sea, and behind them was Pharaoh's army. The Israelites started complaining to Moses: "Did you bring us out here to die?" Moses said no, but also started to lose hope. Pretty soon he started whining to God. He said to God, "Did you bring us out here just to kill us?" And God basically said, "Don't whine, Moses. I already told you what you're supposed to be doing. What's in your hand? Take your staff and hold it out over the sea." So Moses held his staff out over the sea, the wind parted the waters, and the Israelites crossed through the Red Sea ...

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Mike Riches is pastor of Harborview Christian Fellowship in Gig Harbor, Washington, director of the Sycamore Commission, and author of Living Free.

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Sermon Outline:


I. Our world has two realms

II. The interrelationship of the two realms

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