Chapter 4

Planning Your Advent Series

6 tips to help create an effective and exciting Christmas sermon series.

It’s that time of the year—again! You’re sitting down to plan your Advent or Christmas series. If you’re anything like me, planning and writing sermons for this special season can feel a bit overwhelming and daunting. Where do you even start? You want the series to be fresh but not forced. You want it to be engaging but not cheesy. You want it to be grounded in Scripture, connected to the birth of Jesus, relevant to the needs of your congregation and tied to the holiday themes that are already on people’s minds. Each year I find this to be incredibly challenging. Yet, I’ve learned to remember and apply some key lessons that I’ve learned along the way (often by making many mistakes). The following principles have really helped my planning to be more effective and more exciting.

Take it to the Lord in prayer

I know this principle is obvious, but sadly I’m tempted to skip it until the end. My tendency is to think by myself or brainstorm with ...

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