Chapter 2

3 Ways to Keep Christmas Fresh

Move beyond stale and passionless preaching during the Christmas season.

"It's the most wonderful time of the year." I can hear Andy Williams singing that song. And it is. Except for the fact that for many preachers, the Christmas season comes as the busiest time of the year. For pastors with families and congregations, the Christmas season can be like a toddler hyped on sugar. We run to and fro getting presents, visiting, and getting caught in all the busyness of the holiday season. And at some point in the midst of all the happenings, we remember that we have to teach! And Christmas, like Resurrection season, can be very challenging for the preacher because of its repetitive nature. Each year, as Christmas approaches, preachers struggle to keep Christmas fresh. Or worse, many recycle the same old messages and preach them without much passion, thought, or prayer. So let's look at three keys to help us keep Christmas fresh.

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This is what Dr. Martyn Lloyd Jones called "preparing the preacher" in his classic ...

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