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Sermon Illustrations about Spiritual Life

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Spiritual Life to help bring your sermon to life.

'I'm Not Dead Yet'

According to a Variety post, Terry Gilliam died recently. Unfortunately, the article was posted by accident, and Terry Gilliam is still very much alive. ...

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Two Minutes to Live

What if I told you that walking two minutes could reduce your mortality risk? According to The New York Times, a new study (fascinatingly titled "Light-Intensity ...

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Binge Reading Disorder

How much do you read on an average day? Recent research by Lifehack says that "an average social media user 'reads' 285 pieces of content ...

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Tylenol May Dull More than Pain

The same medication that you take for sore muscles or minor headaches might be affecting more than your physical health. The active ingredient in Tylenol ...

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Filling Time, Killing Time

The Washington Post recently published an article on the top five time killers in the office. The number one culprit? Email (followed closely by meetings). ...

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How the World Has Changed During Your Life

"This is your story, the story of your life on earth," says an online tool from the BBC that allows you to enter your birth date and see how ...

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Faith and Works and Trees

An illustration of the balance between faith and works lies hidden within any tree. Leaves use up nutrients in the process of photosynthesis. As the leaves ...

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Battle of Two Natures

The cuckoo is a common bird in England. The first sign of spring is that bird's call. The cuckoo never builds its own nest. When it feels an egg coming ...

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Busyness as Addiction

The Desert Fathers (a protest movement against worldliness in the early church) spoke of busyness as "moral laziness." Busy-ness can also be ...

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The Real Bottom Line

Nobody on his deathbed ever said: "I wish I'd spent more time at the office."

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