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Tylenol May Dull More than Pain

The same medication that you take for sore muscles or minor headaches might be affecting more than your physical health. The active ingredient in Tylenol may be dulling your emotions. "It seems to take the highs off your daily highs and the lows off your daily lows," says Baldwin Way, a psychologist at Ohio State University and the principal investigator on the study. "It kind of flattens out the vicissitudes of your life."

An article on NPR put it this way: "A common pain medication might make you go from 'so cute!' to 'so what?' when you look at a photo of a kitten. And it might make you less sensitive to horrifying things, too."

Possible Preaching Angle:

That's a powerful impact from a simple, every day, over-the-counter drug. It has to make you wonder: are there other small habits or "small sins" that are having a powerful impact on my spiritual life?


Allison Aubrey, “Tylenol Might Dull Emotional Pain, Too,” NPR (4-16-15)

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