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Sermon Illustrations about Spiritual Life

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Spiritual Life to help bring your sermon to life.

Prayer on the Farm

Living on the farm, as my grandfather did, enabled him to choose a different way of life and to live by his own light. And his light certainly was the ...

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The Help of the Body

Alone I cannot serve the Lord effectively, and he will spare no pains to teach me this. He will bring things to an end, allowing doors to close and leaving ...

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We Need Each Other

Communion is strength; solitude is weakness. Alone, the free old beech yields to the blast and lies prone on the meadow. In the forest, supporting each ...

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Unity and Disunity

Talk about what you believe and you have disunity. Talk about Who you believe in and you have unity.

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Purpose or Notoriety

Two centuries ago, when a great man appeared, people looked for God's purpose in him. Today we look for his press agent.

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