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Sermon Illustrations about Social Media

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Social Media to help bring your sermon to life.

Cellphones: The Invisible Addiction

Baylor University released findings about college students' cell phone use. Their shocking finding? Using cell phones is more time consuming for modern ...

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The Old-Fashioned Phone Call's Not Dead Yet

For many people today, the phone call is dead—replaced by text messages, email, Twitter messages, and other "asynchronus" (not at the ...

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Communication Fail: The FBI's Guide to Internet Slang

The Washington Post ran an article with this long and funny title: "The FBI maintains an 83-page glossary of Internet slang. And it is hilariously, ...

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How to Ditch All Those Annoying People

An article in The Daily Beast focuses on a nifty little app for your smartphone called Cloak. "The app's tagline is 'Incognito mode for real ...

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Christian Incarnation in a 'Rootless, Screen-addicted' World

Ever get tired of the endless buzzing of your smartphone, the deluge of emails, and the million and one digital notifications that seem like unavoidable ...

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Is Social Media Obsession Just a Search for Personal Meaning?

Is social media obsession just a search for personal meaning? That's the question that Rebecca Newberger Goldstein posits in a New York Times essay, ...

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Distraction, Self-obsession, and ‘Generation Cool’

Here's an interesting interview/article with two young artists from San Francisco. Sam Fuchs and Adam Gray create huge collage-style images from online ...

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The Internet Narcissism Epidemic

Here's a fascinating article in The Atlantic that claims we're in the middle of a raging "narcissism epidemic." According to the article, ...

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Russian Orthodox Church Advises Social Media Fast

With the beginning of the Russian Orthodox Lenten season, the church has advocated that devotees fast from social media. According to a spokesman, "Even ...

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God and the Media

It could not possibly be the case that something men have invented, like the media, could never be serviceable to God. ... For instance, once when I was ...

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