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Company Offers to ‘Fake A Vacation’ With Doctored Photos

You don't have to pack, deal with security lines, or face jet lag in order to show off your vacation pictures on social media. Just fake it! A Nebraska-based business is offering to bolster social media pages with expertly faked photos of the user on vacations they never took. The company, Fake a Vacation, offers packages starting at $19.99 for a service to superimpose the photos of a social media user in front of famous landmarks at popular vacation spots including Las Vegas, the Grand Canyon, Hawaii, and Walt Disney World.

The company’s ad reads “Make your friends envious of where you were and have them thinking of being where you are. Fake vacation is a perfect Meme for bragging to your friends.” The packages also include some facts about each destination to help the customer concoct the story of their fake vacation.

The company cited a study that suggests more than half of Millennials have lied about taking vacations for reasons ranging from last-minute cancellations, the high price of travel, and the desire for social media recognition.


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