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Half of Adults Admit to Financially Cheating Their Partner

A new survey has found that nearly half of adults admit they’ve financially cheated on their partner. An online poll of 2,000 adults, found that 43 percent of those with shared money had lied to their partner about spending.

The monetary deception manifested in a number of ways, with 21 percent of respondents admitting they had lied to a partner about finances, debt, or their income and 39 percent saying they had hidden a purchase, bank account, statement, bill, or cash from their significant other.

While a multitude of reasons exists for being secretive with cash, the poll found respondents had mostly the same main motives. The subterfuge stemmed from a desire to keep some of their money a private affair, according to 38 percent. For 34 percent, the deceit arose after making a financial choice they believed their partner would disapprove of. 33 percent said they were simply too embarrassed to reveal whatever the monetary cheat was.

Despite the motive, nearly half (42 percent) of financial deceivers said the experience caused a fight—with some saying it led to the end of the relationship. This makes sense to Billy Hensley, the president of the National Endowment for Financial Education, who believes that discussing finances is vital to getting on the same page as one’s partner.

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