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Sermon Illustrations about Sleep

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Sleep to help bring your sermon to life.

Sleep-Deprived People Act As Bad As Drunks

So you didn't get enough sleep last night? No big deal, you say. Well, actually, it is a big deal. Sleep deprivation can have severe short-term and long-term ...

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Our 'Sleep Less, Do More' Society

A Newsweek article provided both a historical look at sleep trends and practical advice about how to get more rest. According to the writer, we are to ...

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How to Nap Like a Pro

A good night's sleep does a body good (see what I did there?). But evidence is growing that napping is also a very important discipline."… ...

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Bank Employee Transfers Millions with an Ill-Timed Nap

A worker at a German bank momentarily fell asleep on the job, while executing a minor funds transfer for a retired customer. The problem was that his ...

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New Research Says that Bad Sleep Changes Your Body

In case you needed a reminder about the importance of true rest, here's a wake-up call (pun intended). British researchers have published findings ...

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Studies Reveal That Americans Are Severely Sleep-Deprived

A new survey concluded that Americans are among the world's leaders in sleep deprivation. Although the Bible promises that God "grants sleep to those ...

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Senior Citizen Mistaken for Dead

On March 19, 2005, when a resident at an extended care facility in British Columbia, Canada, died, the medical personnel did what they usually did. They ...

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"Joe vs. the Volcano": Living in Amazement

"My father says almost the whole world's asleep. Everybody you know, everybody you see, everybody you talk to. He says only a few people are ...

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Actor Tim Allen on Sleeping Through Life

Tim Allen, star of the television sitcom "Home Improvement" said:

How much of the day are you awake? You think, I gotta get the dry cleaning, ...

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Shoplifter Comes Clean...Almost

The story is told of a shoplifter who writes to a department store and says, "I've just become a Christian, and I can't sleep at night because ...

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