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How to Nap Like a Pro

A good night's sleep does a body good (see what I did there?). But evidence is growing that napping is also a very important discipline."… [N]apping can produce cognitive benefits from increased alertness to improved motor skills, perception and memory consolidation."

One study compared the benefits of 200mg of caffeine (about the amount in a cup of coffee) with 60-90 minute nap. "They found that a nap generally improved memory performance, while caffeine either didn't affect—or worsened—performance." This has led some innovative businesses to create napping rooms for employees to kick back for a few minutes and snooze.

Possible Preaching Angle:

Once again, science and experience confirm the wisdom of an ancient Christian discipline. Rest and Sabbath are so much a part of healthy Christian life, that entering into God's rest is a key metaphor for salvation and wholeness. Are you willing to embrace patterns of life and rest that bring health? Naps are great, but point to eternal realities that we all need to remember.

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