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Don't Trust the Flesh

We ought not trust our nature, our flesh, no matter how spiritual we think we are.

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The Descent of Man

Art is a reflection of a society's most profound aspirations. ... Cultures exalt their highest ideals. In the Middle Ages, it was the divine. For ...

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The Bible's "Real" Players

Perhaps the way our teachers treat the Bible does not have the same effect on everyone, but I have learned through the years that by trying to make the ...

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Desperately Wicked

The human heart has so many crannies where vanity hides, so many holes where falsehood lurks, is so decked out with deceiving hypocrisy, that it often ...

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Not My Fault!

There's a kind of mirror system of morality in evil. People don't say, as they more or less do in Shakespeare, "I'm by nature bad." ...

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Self-Destructive Habits

While staying with my friends Tim and Jill Jones, I watched their hamster, Hammy, in his little cage. Hammy has a warm nest of cedar shavings to curl ...

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Seared Conscience

During my college years—in my infinite wisdom—it occurred to me that it made no sense to stop at red traffic lights when there was clearly no traffic ...

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Marilyn Manson Doesn't Blame Devil

After being blamed for inciting the Columbine shootings, rock star Marilyn Manson argued in Rolling Stone:

I'm a controversial artist, one who dares ...

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Augustine's Joy in Sin

Once, during the holidays, [before his conversion, early church father] Augustine robbed a pear tree. He tells of the event with a quite extraordinary ...

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Kofi Annan Faces Evil

United Nations leader Kofi Annan travels the world visiting areas of some of the worst violence and cruelty in human history. Few men have the responsibility ...

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