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Study Finds Church Attendance Lowers Crime Levels

Does church attendance accomplish anything good for society? A recent Duke University study shows that it does. Here’s the gist of the study: When it rains on Sunday morning, fewer people go to church. When fewer people go to church, more people commit at least three crimes—buying drugs, committing forgery, and embezzling money. That’s based on the correlation between church attendance and crime data collected from over 1,300 US counties.

The research found that an hour of Sunday morning rain reduces church attendance in America by about 17 percent. Laying historical records of precipitation on Sundays between 9 a.m. and 1 p.m. next to year-over-year crime reports, the study found that more rainy Sundays regularly resulted in more drug-related and white-collar crimes. According to his paper, “Sinning in the Rain,” the relationship is consistent across decades.

Editor’s Note: The main researcher also noted that “more research is needed to disentangle the mechanisms driving these results.”

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