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International Church of Cannabis

A Lutheran church has stood at 400 S Logan Street in Denver since the early 1900s, but as of recently it has become unoccupied. In April of 2017, the church was reopened as a place of worship for the followers of a brand-new religion: “Elevationism,” dedicated to the spiritual benefits of cannabis.

It’s only fitting that the home of the International Church of Cannabis is in Denver, a city that is literally a mile high. The church’s overgrown, antiquated exterior is in striking contrast with its flamboyant technicolor interior, complete with a huge “WEED” sign, rows of pews to smoke on, and a neon rainbow mural on the ceiling.

Elevationism does not have any specific dogma, nor does it require conversion from other religions, so long as its adherents recognize cannabis as a sacrament.

The church was opened on April 20 (420 is a popular code for marijuana) and recently launched BEYOND, a fully immersive, meditative experience with projection mapping, laser lights, and sound. BEYOND begins with a nine-minute guided meditation and contemplative journey through the wisdom of the ages, followed by a 25-minute psychedelic light show set to your favorite classic rock songs.

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