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Sermon Illustrations about Pornography

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Pornography to help bring your sermon to life.

A Song and a Prayer for Sexual Temptation

Rich Mullins, a Christian musician and songwriter who died in 1997 at the age of 41, once confessed in a concert that he struggled with watching pornography ...

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Actress Jennifer Lawrence on Her Anxiety

The actress Jennifer Lawrence, famous for her role in The Hunger Games films, has had a long battle with anxiety and insecurity. In a 2014 interview, ...

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Secular Therapist on the Dangers of Porn

Writing in The New York Times, marriage therapist Lori Gottlieb notes one of the many damaging effects of viewing pornography: it doesn't lead to mutual ...

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The Slow Path to Sexual Addiction

A few years ago I met with a church member who was struggling with sexual sin with his girlfriend, as well as a porn habit. We talked through a variety ...

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Author Ponders the Cost of Our Sexual 'Progress'

Damon Linker, a writer for The Week, claims that our culture is waging a battle over "two competing, largely incompatible visions of the proper place ...

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Porn Viewing Spikes After Super Bowl Loss

Why do people look at pornography? Some statistics after the 2014 Super Bowl indicate that a wound of "vulnerability" often drives the need ...

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We Avoid Dealing with Sexual Lust

In today's highly-charged sexual culture, almost no one is okay in dealing with sexual lust. We don't have to go looking for ways to stain our hearts; ...

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New Consequence of Online Porn

One of the most devastating repercussions of pervasive online porn use by young men is its distorting effects on relationships. Men are finding that "real ...

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Eight Harmful Effects of Pornography

After reviewing a number of research studies, a 2012 issue of Men's Health magazine summarized the following eight harmful effects of porn:

1) It is progressive. ...

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Sex Addiction Has Become a "National Epidemic"

"Sex addiction" remains a controversial designation—often dismissed as a myth or providing talk-show punchlines thanks to high-profile ...

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