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Covenant Eyes Quotes Porn Addicts

Covenant Eyes, a Christian company that sells internet accountability software, receives thousands of emails from people struggling with viewing online pornography. Here are some examples of heartfelt cries for deliverance and help:

A teenager wrote: "I really need help breaking my porn addiction and I don't want to waste my teen years and the rest of my life with the gigantic secret. Please keep me in your prayers."

"Eddy88" wrote: "Please pray for me … My porn addiction is killing me. I just can't give up. I try to stop but then I keep failing all the time. I wish I would just die because I hate myself so much. Only Jesus can save me but I feel so alone and depressed."

Phillip wrote: "Please pray for me. I've been struggling for too long with this addiction to porn. I want it out of my life for good!"

Aaron wrote: "I have been battling with porn addiction for years now … I feel so incredibly distant from God. Often I sit and I try to focus on him when I'm tempted but it's almost like I can actually hear my inner heart saying reject him. I hate this; it's the most horrible feeling ever and it's effecting my whole life with God. I lead an evangelism ministry at university and I fear it's affecting that, too."

Sean says, "I don't want to live with this dirty secret anymore. It is ruining my relationships with people and life. I just want to break free."

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