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Sermon Illustrations about Pop Culture

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Pop Culture to help bring your sermon to life.

Cool Addicts

Everybody knows that TV is mostly false and stupid, that almost no one pays that much attention to it--and yet it's on for over seven hours a day ...

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Our Circuitous World View

The production of art and entertainment for commercial reasons is an old story; what may be new is the elevation of this practice into a principle, and ...

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Shortcomings of Television

Television relies for its effectiveness on tricks, not perceptiveness, complete with canned laughter, studio applause, and special effects--a medium fated ...

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No "No" in TV Land

Many of our adolescents and young adults cannot "just say no" to drugs because their whole approach to life has been shaped by television, the ...

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Destructive TV

Of all the inventions of our time, TV is likely to prove the most destructive. [It] grinds us down to spiritual dust so fine that a puff of wind scatters ...

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Christian Publishing

From the Christian perspective, the state of public morals has fallen to such low repute that the existence of such a phenomenon as religious publishing ...

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The Last Taboo?

If religion is the opiate of the masses, as Marx said, then why isn't Hollywood out peddling the stuff from every street corner? If movies were all ...

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Reasons for Thanks

This Thanksgiving I'm thankful ... That there aren't twice as many Congressman and half as many doctors. That grass doesn't grow through snow, ...

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Miracle Renewed

It would be easy ... to criticize ... the waste, the trash, the sad attempt to buy affection in a splash of wild extravagance. Yet, for all of that, this ...

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Modern Man Is Dead

A man sits in front of a bad television program and doesn't know that he is bored; he joins the rat race of commerce, where personal worth is measured ...

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