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Scott Weiland Defines Humility

Convicted for possession of drugs, member of rock band Stone Temple Pilots, Scott Weiland talked to Rolling Stone about how being in jail impacted his life:

Weiland keeps repeating the word humility.
"It's not me thinking less of myself," he says. "It's me thinking of myself less. A lot of my ways of thinking have backfired on me. My stubbornness. My pride. My arrogance. The difficult thing is that those defects of character become assets in my business, the rock & roll world.
"It's great being a rock star," he crows. "But you know what? Being a rock star doesn't give you the license to view yourself as more important than anybody else. And if I am to become a better man, a man who has some compassion and humility instead of just expecting people to understand me, that doesn't make me less of a rock star."

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