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Sermon Illustrations about Permanence

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Permanence to help bring your sermon to life.

Jim Carrey's Search for Fulfillment

What will enough ever be "enough"?

Comedian Jim Carrey presented a similar struggle at this year's Golden Globes ceremony. Before announcing the nominees ...

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Steve Jobs Believed in Pursuing What Lasts

Steve Lohr writes in the New York Times:

Mr. Jobs made a lot of money over the years, for himself and for Apple shareholders. But money never seemed to ...

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Chesterton on Christianity's Longevity

Christianity has died many times and risen again; for it has a God who knew his way out of the grave.

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Oil Platform Designed to Survive the Worst

The Hibernia oil platform in the North Atlantic is 189 miles (315 kilometers) east-southeast of St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada. The total structure, ...

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Earthly Memorials vs. Heavenly Glory

Tombstones are getting updated, at least in Hollywood. At Hollywood Forever, a 64-acre cemetery next to Paramount Studios, they produce multimedia narratives ...

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God Alone Is Permanent

David Lawrence--one of my favorite people; he's in heaven now--was the only non-senator who was a member of the Senate prayer breakfast. He never ...

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The Wisdom of the Suspension Bridge

I want to tell you something that may surprise you. If you're making a trip to San Francisco and you want the safest place to go, you go to the middle ...

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Pouring a Foundation

When our church organized a work team for a short-term missions trip to Spain, they wanted "skilled" workers, but were willing to take a few ...

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