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Pouring a Foundation

When our church organized a work team for a short-term missions trip to Spain, they wanted "skilled" workers, but were willing to take a few non-handy guys like me. (You'll never see my face on "Home Improvement"!)

Fortunately, we had enough "Tim Taylor" types for the trip--including Art, who knew just about everything there was to know about pouring concrete. We were building new teepees at a Christian camp for kids, and the teepees were to be built on concrete foundations.

Another church team had worked at the site the week before we arrived, building a few teepees. Unfortunately, the foundations they'd poured were already beginning to crumble at the edges.

But Art knew how to do it exactly right, using forms around the edges and reinforcing rods underneath to hold things together--for a long time. Jesus tells us to take the same care with our spiritual foundations, to build our "house upon the rock."

How do we do that? Through a Promise Keeper's first promise--honoring Christ through worship, prayer and obedience to God's Word.

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